Dr. Pardis Kelly | Las Vegas podiatrist

For patient-centered foot and ankle care, trust Pardis Kelly, DPM, at Las Vegas Footcare in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Kelly commits herself to you — the patient — and gives you the individualized attention you deserve. 

The friendly staff at Las Vegas Foot Care welcomes you to their inviting and relaxing office, where you get customized treatment based on your lifestyle, symptoms, and health history. Dr. Kelly explains all of your treatment options so you fully understand your foot and ankle care plan and feel confident with your decisions.

Dr. Kelly listens and understands your foot concerns, whether you have foot and ankle pain, struggle with ingrown toenails, or need diabetic foot care. She takes a conservative and comprehensive approach to disease and doesn’t rush patients during visits. Her goal is to get you back to good foot health as fast as possible.

Dr. Kelly is an avid athlete who loves her family. She has a patented nail polish called PS Polishy. It’s non-toxic, contains antioxidants, and possesses antifungal properties.

To get the caring, positive care you need for all your podiatry concerns, contact Las Vegas Footcare today by phone or reach out online.