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Stay at the Top of Your Game With Athlete Foot Care Services From Our Las Vegas Podiatrist

As an athlete, you push your limits and demand a lot from your feet – be it on the basketball court, running track, during CrossFit sessions, or the yoga mat. Foot pain shouldn't be the price you pay for your passion. Dr. Pardis Kelly, an athlete herself, understands the frustration of injuries sidelining you. Imagine being back to your activities, pain-free and performing at your best. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kelly now, and together, let's craft a personalized treatment plan to get you back in action.

The Frustration of Foot Pain Interfering With Your Activity

So you have foot pain, and it is getting in the way of your hikes, running, or soccer. Often times this starts out painful, and just gets worse. As an athlete herself, starting as a basketball player in high school to cross fit later. She now lifts at home and is an avid hiker. Dr. Kelly understands your frustration, as she has had setbacks herself. Imagine being back to your activities pain-free. Schedule an appointment with her now so the two of you can begin a treatment plan and get you treated and back on that horse.

Conditions We Treat at Las Vegas Footcare

From heel pain to breaks here are a few of the foot issues Dr. Kelly can help you with:

  • Ankle Pain: Whether it's a sprain from a misstep or chronic overuse, ankle pain can be a setback for any athlete.
  • Foot Pain: Various activities can lead to general foot pain, impacting your ability to perform at your best.
  • Heel Pain: Conditions like plantar fasciitis can cause heel pain, affecting your ability to run and jump comfortably.
  • Ingrown Toenails: Athletes often deal with the discomfort of ingrown toenails, which Dr. Kelly can effectively treat.
  • Breaks and Sprains: Fractures and sprains can occur during intense physical activities.
  • Skin or Nail IssuesWith your feet locked up in your shoes during exercise can create some unsightly or uncomfortable skin or nail conditions. Warts, fungus, and bacteria love the environment in your shoes.