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At Las Vegas Footcare, we are dedicated to offering a wide range of podiatric services to address various foot-related issues—emphasizing conservative methods that focus on how your lifestyle impacts your foot health.

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Pain Management

Foot Pain

Foot pain can stem from a variety of causes, including overuse, improper footwear, or underlying medical conditions. At Las Vegas Footcare, we conduct comprehensive evaluations to identify the root cause of your foot pain and develop a treatment plan that may include physical therapy, medication, or custom orthotics.

Heel Pain

Heel pain is often caused by conditions such as plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. Our specialists use a combination of diagnostic tools to accurately identify the source of your heel pain, providing targeted treatments such as shockwave therapy, stretching exercises, or supportive footwear recommendations.

Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can significantly impact your mobility and quality of life. Our approach to ankle pain includes thorough assessments to diagnose issues like sprains, arthritis, or tendonitis. Treatment plans may involve bracing, medication, and physical therapy.

Toe Pain

Toe pain can arise from bunions, hammer toes, or injuries. We offer solutions such as padding and footwear advice to ensure relief and prevent further complications.

Nail and Skin Conditions

Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenails are a common but painful condition that we frequently address. Our treatment options ensure relief from pain and prevention of recurrence.

Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is not only unsightly but can also lead to more serious complications if left untreated. We provide advanced antifungal therapies, including topical treatments and oral medications.


Plantar warts, caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), can be both painful and persistent. Our clinic offers several treatment options like cryotherapy, laser therapy, and topical treatments to remove warts and alleviate discomfort.

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Custom orthotics are a cornerstone of our treatment offerings. These personalized shoe inserts are designed to support and comfort your feet, alleviating pain and correcting structural issues.

Injury Treatment

Injuries, whether from sports, accidents, or everyday activities, require prompt and effective treatment. We specialize in treating a range of foot and ankle injuries, utilizing the latest techniques to ensure a quick and safe recovery.

Care for Specific Groups

Care for Seniors and Retired Individuals

We understand the unique foot care needs of the elderly and retired individuals. Our services focus on maintaining mobility, comfort, and overall foot health so our patients can continue to lead active and independent lifestyles.

Athlete Foot Care

Athletes of all levels can benefit from our specialized foot care services. We focus on injury prevention, treatment of sports-related foot conditions, and performance enhancement through optimal foot health. Whether you’re seeking care for your son who just joined the high school football team or want advice on how to protect your feet while training for your first 5K, we’re here to help.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes causes poor blood flow to the extremities, which can lead to slow-healing wounds and nerve damage. Our diabetic foot care services include regular check-ups to prevent complications, education on proper foot care, and treatments for any foot problems arising from diabetes.

Hospitality Worker Care

Las Vegas is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, but the hospitality workers who entertain our city’s guests often experience foot issues due to prolonged periods of standing and walking. Our services cater specifically to these occupational hazards, offering treatments and preventive strategies to ensure foot health in a demanding work environment.

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