Prior to Your Appointment

 1. Intake Paperwork

  •    Complete your intake paperwork online via the link provided in your email.
  •    If there are any issues, don't worry—we have paper copies at the office. Arrive 20 to 30 minutes early to fill them out.

2. What to Bring

  •    Bring a copy of your insurance card and ID.
  •    Come prepared to pay copays, coinsurance, and deductibles; we'll collect them at the time of the visit.
  •    We'll contact your insurance to confirm details.

During Your Appointment

1. Arrival

  •    When you arrive, complete any remaining paperwork (if not done online).
  •    Bring your insurance card.

2. Rooming

  •    A medical assistant will escort you to the exam room.

3. Consultation

  •    Dr. Kelly will personally introduce herself, taking a thorough history, and perform a physical exam.
  •    Discuss your pain or concerns, along with the what and how of their onset.
  •    Diagnostic procedures may include x-rays or samples for testing.

4. Custom Care and Treatment

  •    Potential treatments range from immobilization with boots or shoes to physical therapy, taping, and more.
  •    Your treatment plan is personalized based on your condition, lifestyle, and goals.
  •    Return visits may be necessary to ensure your treatment plan is seeing you through to a full recovery.

Living Your Life

1. Completion of Treatment

  •    Once treatment is complete, return to the activities that enrich your life.

2. Future Needs

  •    If you ever need us again, Dr. Kelly and her dedicated staff will be here to support you.