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Are You a Family Member of an Elderly Person Looking for a Podiatrist?

Dr. Pardis Kelly has been a trusted provider of foot care for the elderly for many years. The foot health of your family member is crucial, impacting their balance, mobility, and overall well-being. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for your loved one.

Why Foot Care Matters for the Elderly

Annually, 300,000 Americans aged 65 and older are hospitalized for hip fractures.

Balance is a key aspect of the elderly's mobility, and begins (at the bottom) with their feet. I am sure you will agree that, given the risk of falls and related injuries, especially hip fractures, foot care becomes paramount.

Evaluation for Fall Risk

Dr. Kelly conducts a thorough evaluation of the risk of falling. If necessary, in cooperation with the patient, she develops a personalized plan, which might include simple exercises taught during the visit or a recommendation for physical therapy.

Foot Pain and Depression

The National Institute of Health identified a link between foot pain and depression in those aged 65 to 75. The potential loss of self-care ability and reduced activity levels can contribute to additional health issues. The fear of falling and breaking a hip can significantly impact their independence. 

Prioritizing Foot Health

Whether your family member is at home and wants to maintain independence or in assisted living, keen attention to foot health is paramount.

What Does Dr. Kelly Help With?

Routine nail clipping is not part of Dr. Kelly's services. However, she provides essential care, including treating calluses. Below are some of the conditions and treatments she specializes in: