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Las Vegas Podiatrist Dr. Pardis Kelly Shares Tips to Help Seniors Care for Their Feet

The holidays take us out of our regular routines in all kinds of delightful ways—festive events, gatherings of friends and families, and time off to renew our wonder in the world and to reflect on the connections that matter to us. The flip side of this busy time of year, though, is that it is often a season of neglecting self-care as we rush from one thing to another.

Between shopping for presents, traveling or preparing to host guests, and decorating to bring the spirit of this special time into our homes, we may postpone regular visits to the doctor until things calm down. We might overindulge in seasonal treats and skip out on healthy activities. Worst of all, we may be tempted to minimize foot pain or minor injuries because we don’t want to miss out or worry our families. Don't let a moment of neglect lead to lifetime regret!

Las Vegas podiatrist Dr. Pardis Kelly helps seniors manage their foot pain and continue to lead active lifestyles. Schedule your appointment today. 

Senior Foot Care Offers Long-Term Benefits

Foot problems are a common concern for senior citizens. However, when they are combined with other health issues, such as diabetes, poor circulation, and peripheral neuropathy, they have the potential to cause cascading negative effects. For example, a minor cut on a toe or a popped blister on a heel might go unnoticed by a patient who suffers from numbness in their feet, allowing the wound to become infected before it is spotted. Poor circulation then makes it difficult for the body to fight that infection. In the worst cases, this progression can lead to hospitalization and even amputation of the affected limb.

Waiting to deal with foot pain or injuries until they can’t be ignored and require a hospital visit almost certainly guarantees a worse outcome. Our health care system is under-resourced, and the professionals who provide diabetic foot care in an emergency room or hospital setting are unlikely to specialize in the needs of older patients. Despite their best efforts, when facilities are understaffed and overwhelmed, the quality of care they can deliver suffers. There’s no need to end up in an ER over the holidays, or at any time of year, with preventable foot problems. The answer is to visit Dr. Kelly.

Visit Our Las Vegas Podiatry Office for Help With Your Foot Care Needs

At Dr. Kelly’s podiatry practice, service is key to the care she provides. She knows maintaining healthy feet can preserve a quality of life that lets you keep up the activities you love. She also knows that for seniors especially, having to wait to be seen can turn minor concerns into major problems. If you need to be seen for a diabetic foot checkup, treatment for an ingrown toenail, plantar warts, and other routine but potentially complicating issues, her podiatry center will get you in quickly for the care you need.

Dr. Kelly’s expertise in foot problems that occur with age gives her the insight to create individualized, multifaceted preventative care plans for her patients. These can include regular checkups, custom orthotics, specially fitted shoes, professional treatment for ingrown toenails or calluses, and recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes that will keep your feet pain-free and healthy. Her conservative approach seeks to avoid surgery or other invasive treatments. You receive continuity of care delivered by a compassionate expert who knows your case and your treatment goals inside and out.

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