happy retirees after visiting Las Vegas podiatrist Dr. Pardis Kelly

Dr. Pardis Kelly Provides Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Care for Residents of Summerlin, Nevada

Summerlin, Nevada, was named one of Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live,” with communities like The Ridges in Summerlin located at zip code 89135. Dr. Pardis Kelly, founder of Las Vegas Footcare, offers podiatry care for executives and seniors in the area. As a foot and ankle medical specialist, Dr. Kelly has created a medical practice that offers warmth, care, and a personal approach to treating patients who want top-notch service.

Foot Care for Busy Executives

You are an executive who has a very demanding job. You may have a general practitioner who is wonderful but they aren’t foot and ankle specialists. This is the time to get to know Dr. Kelly and get on her calendar. Your focus is on your job and your family. When you have foot or ankle problems, this results in a lack of movement, you slow down, and, if diabetic and careless with care – you face the possibility of amputation.

Dr. Kelly offers on-time appointments and is very succinct in her prescription. Should you require surgery, she works with a multitude of surgeons and will describe your condition with care and consideration. If you are a diabetic, get on Dr. Kelly’s diabetic foot care program to prevent loss of mobility and, worse, amputation.

Foot Care for Retirees

As a senior enjoying retirement, your feet have walked for miles, but life isn’t supposed to stop. Your feet give you mobility, they allow you to golf, go to restaurants, play with your grandchildren, and travel. Diabetics need to pay special attention to foot care. Anything from an ingrown toenail to a cut or nail trimming needs to be done with extra care.

What Makes Dr. Kelly Unique?

Dr. Kelly is dedicated to exploring solutions tailored to your unique needs. Her approach involves understanding your lifestyle, pinpointing activities that exacerbate your symptoms, and then collaboratively finding the best path forward. Say goodbye to foot pain and hello to a life full of movement and comfort.

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