Plantar Wart Prevention

Preventing Warts on Your Feet – Plantar Warts
- Don’t walk barefoot. A small scratch on the bottom of your feet can be an invitation for the wart to infect your skin.

- Don’t touch other people with a body part of yours which has a wart.

- Don’t touch or pick at warts. You can transfer it from one part of your body to another through your fingers. Additionally, if the wart gets under your nail, and they can, it gets really hard to treat.

- Don’t walk barefoot in locker rooms, pools or public showers

- Don’t use nail clippers, emery boards, or files which you use on infected skin on your healthy skin. Have two sets.

- If you touch a wart wash your hands afterwards
- Wash any part of your body with disinfecting soap which you feel may have come in contact with an area of potential infection source.

- Keep an area infected with a wart dry For an explanation of what warts are and how they are treated visit the Wart Treatment page.