Podiatrist – Dedicated to Senior Citizens

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Diabetic Foot Check Ups
Wound care for diabetics
Ingrown Toenail Treatments
Plantar Warts

Urgent Foot and Ankle Pain or Injury
Urgent Foot and Ankle Pain or Injury
Preventative Foot and Ankle Care
Prevention of foot or ankle issues is key especially for seniors, one problem can lead to many more. Get on our treatment plan for diabetics. This is essential to avoid likely amputation and chronic pain. If you are experiencing chronic wound conditions and pain, we welcome the opportunity to get a resolution so you can get heal.
Preventative Foot and Ankle Care
We are especially dedicated to executives and seniors living at The Ridges Las Vegas. Your lifestyle is of importance to us so you can continue to enjoy the ambiance of luxury living without being in pain. Your feet are key in keeping you moving. Get golfing, go on walks and enjoy the lifestyle you have chosen by ensuring the health of your feet and ankles are in good hands. We accept a variety of insurance policies, learn more by calling into our office or see all insurances we accept
Orthotics for Seniors
Are you suffering from foot pain? Do you need someone who can take the time to review what Orthotics you should have? Dr. Kelly welcomes all seniors to get their Orthotics checked and reviewed, so that you can walk and live comfortably.