As a man in my seventies, I am supported by a pair of rather old and tired feet. They have served me well, but do require a lot of maintenance and care now, which I can no longer provide.

In desperation and pain, I tried several podiatrists, to get relief. None accomplished that, but all recommended and/or sold me their favorite arch supports.

Fortunately, someone recommended Dr. Pardis A. Kelly, D.P.M. I arrived limping and with a cane for support.

After my first treatment by Dr. Kelly, I retired the cane and was able to walk almost normal again. Dr. Kelly’s…(providing services)…for pedicures etc., at the same premises, makes visiting either of them a very pleasant experience

Both ladies are professional experts in their fields, and with their friendly and supportive staff, the joint endeavor should be a success for both patients/clients and the proprietresses.

I can highly recommend their enterprise.

John B.