This letter is to express my appreciation for the high quality of care I recently received at Fort Miley. I am a Vietnam veteran with a disability, for which I periodically visit your facility.

I was recently seen at the podiatry clinic by Dr. Pardis Kelly for a persistent problem with my feet. In my opinion, Dr. Kelly provided the type of service all veterans hope to receive: competent, straightforward, unrushed. Best of all, I had a clear sense that Dr. Kelly was focused on me, the patient, and did not have her mind off in three other areas at once. She took her time to explain her diagnosis, plan for treatment, and was careful in her procedure to minimize discomfort.

I suggest that the next time you conduct your staff training, you look to the example provided by professionals such as her. By virtue of the demands of medical costs and the numbers of persons seeking treatment, you undoubtedly must address the challenge of providing the best medical care within your available resources. In my opinion, Dr. Kelly offers something special, maybe it isn’t found in medical school training and cannot be bottled, but represents the essence of service we all hope for.

John T.