Here Are Some Kind Words A Few Of Our Patients/Clients Had About Our Office. We Are Proud Of The Office And Thrilled To Have Them As Part Of The Family.
We have three sections of testimonials. The first set is comments on our traditional podiatric services, and Peace of Mind Pedicure and More our nail salon service. The second is testimonials about our laser treatment of nail fungus Zap That Fungus ™. The last set is about our fillers for the feet treatment.

This first testimonial is one Dr. Kelly received while a resident at VA San Francisco. She is particularly proud of this one since she was just starting off in a professional capacity, and was privileged to serve our veterans.

About our Traditional Podiatric and Nail Care Service
John T., Ph.D.
This letter is to express my appreciation for the high quality of care I recently received at Fort Miley. I am a Vietnam veteran with a disability, for which I periodically visit your facility.

I was recently seen at the podiatry clinic by Dr. Pardis Kelly for a persistent problem with my feet. In my opinion, Dr. Kelly provided the type of service all veterans hope to receive: competent, straightforward, unrushed. Best of all, I had a clear sense that Dr. Kelly was focused on me, the patient, and did not have her mind off in three other areas at once. She took her time to explain her diagnosis, plan for treatment, and was careful in her procedure to minimize discomfort.

I suggest that the next time you conduct your staff training, you look to the example provided by professionals such as her. By virtue of the demands of medical costs and the numbers of persons seeking treatment, you undoubtedly must address the challenge of providing the best medical care within your available resources. In my opinion, Dr. Kelly offers something special, maybe it isn’t found in medical school training and cannot be bottled, but represents the essence of service we all hope for.

D. T.
The staff is so professional and friendly. Dr. Kelly is one of my favorite doctors. I will let my family and friends know.
John B.
As a man in my seventies, I am supported by a pair of rather old and tired feet. They have served me well, but do require a lot of maintenance and care now, which I can no longer provide.

In desperation and pain, I tried several podiatrists, to get relief. None accomplished that, but all recommended and/or sold me their favorite arch supports.

Fortunately, someone recommended Dr. Pardis A. Kelly, D.P.M. I arrived limping and with a cane for support.

After my first treatment by Dr. Kelly, I retired the cane and was able to walk almost normal again. Dr. Kelly’s…(providing services)…for pedicures etc., at the same premises, makes visiting either of them a very pleasant experience

Both ladies are professional experts in their fields, and with their friendly and supportive staff, the joint endeavor should be a success for both patients/clients and the proprietresses.

I can highly recommend their enterprise.
Jim M.
I have been going to Dr. Kelly for some 5 years. Dr. Kelly saved both my feet by observing that there was something wrong with my blood flow. I had to have a bypass in both legs, saving my feet.

Dr. Kelly has taken off toenails and other things off my feet. She has never hurt me in any way.

Dr. Kelly is the best and I will never go to another foot doctor ever. Even though it is not covered by my insurance.

I had a wound that wouldn’t heal. Dr. Kelly treated me and kept the wound from getting to the point where my toe would have to be removed.Do I like Dr. Kelly and trust her? You bet ya.

Do I like Dr. Kelly and trust her? You bet ya.
Dear Dr. Kelly,

Thanks to your excellent professional services I can walk normally again!
Marisa M.
I am so pleased my friend, Gloria, brought to my attention that…this office did nails.

I am completely and truly satisfied with the service. The atmosphere in this office is so professional and very pleasant.
Richard M.
A++ great experience!
Judy C
The best nail care. Safe, clean and felt great!! I’m confident I’ll always be in good hands.
About our Fungal Nail Laser Treatment, Zap That Fungus ™
Ron C.
I had always been embarrassed to bear my fee-thank goodness for socks! I heard Dr. Kelly’s radio advertisement for laser treatment for toenail fungus and was ready to try it.

In spite of the fact that I had to travel … a distance of over 75 miles, I felt it was worth the extra effort.

Dr. Kelly and her staff were very welcoming, understanding, empathetic and professional. Dr. Kelly’s persistence and determination in ensuring the complete fungus removal in follow-up visits was admirable.

As a result of the excellent care I received, I also decided to have regular pedicures and manicures performed by “Peace of Mind.” How appropriate, the name says it all!… (it is)…wonderful and continues the same pleasant and professional care.

It has been a little over a year since the initial treatment, and while my toenails are not completely clear they have never looked better. I am no longer embarrassed to show my feet and even take my socks off during yoga! The “peace of mind” I receive from Las Vegas Footcare is well worth the extra commute.
I am so thrilled with my new toenails! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to try this great new technology. I appreciate all the care and concern you’ve shown for me and my problem toes over the last few years.

Thank you so much to you and your wonderful staff.
Roy M.
Just a short note to say “thanks” for re-lasering my right foot toenails yesterday at no charge. It’s rare to find folks with integrity who stand behind their products and service. You both exemplify that to the max… Thanks again for taking such good care of me.
Karen W.
I just wanted to take a moment to say how impressed I am with you and your warm staff!

Last April I came for my first visit to inquire about the Zap That Fungus™ laser treatment of toenail fungus.

It is now a year later, and the fungus is gone from my two big toes! I did have a choice in going to another podiatrist for this treatment. But after my first visit, I knew this is where I would have my treatment. I trusted your level of detail, caring attitude, and humor.

Also, the monthly sterile pedicures are a treat and also key to my continued healing process.
About our Fillers for the Feet Service
Virginia N.
I have been very pleased with the results of the “fillers” injections. The only discomfort I felt was the very quick first injection. For a short period of time after the procedure, I had the sensation of walking on a bump. Now I am able to walk without feeling the soreness I had on the ball of my left foot.

I recommend this procedure to anyone that has the same problem I had.